Terms for Driver Services

By using our website you are declaring that you accept and understand all parts of our Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of our site. We may change the Terms from time to time and you are advised to check the website to consider any changes to the Terms, which apply to you. Your signature on the transfer service contract agreement is definite proof to the acceptance of the services and Terms imposed by our Transport Service Providers.

Both our Terms of Service and those of the providers we work with contain some exclusions and limitations of liability. If you do not agree with any part of them, you must not proceed with your booking.

Please note that you will not have any contract for services at the price offered until your booking has been confirmed and the necessary payment received. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

These terms and conditions together with your Booking made in accordance with the Terms, constitutes a contract for the Services between you and the Transport Service Provider which is entered into by you and by us acting as agent for and on behalf of the Transport Service Provider. We are not responsible for, and shall have no liability in respect of, any acts or omissions of the Transport Service Provider including, without limitation, any failure or delay to supply the Services or otherwise affecting the Journey which is caused by the Transport Service Provider.

Price and Payment

Except where you and/or any Passenger agrees to changes to the Journey with the Transport Service Provider and/or the Driver, all tolls, congestion charges, taxes and gratuity charges are included in the price quoted on the Website and shown on the Booking. Any additional tolls, congestion charges, taxes and gratuity charges arising out of changes to the Journey must be paid by you or the Passenger, as appropriate.

You and/or the Passengers may be charged if changes are made to your Journey once the Passengers have been picked up by the Driver. Such additional charge will be agreed locally with the Driver and/or Transport Service Provider and paid to us or the Driver at the Pickup Time (by such means as we or the Driver or the Transport Service Provider shall indicate). The Driver and/or Transport Service Provider reserves the right to decline any unreasonable requests to amend the Journey and neither we nor the Driver nor Transport Service Provider shall have any liability to you if you make changes to the Journey that are not acceptable to the Driver and/or the Transport Service Provider.  

If the User books a ride for another person, the User is still required to pay any Additional Services (e.g. extra time, additional stops) that the passenger requests from the Service Provider, assuming that the Service Provider accepts the provision of such Additional Services. If the User does not want to allow the booking of Additional Services, it is his/her obligation to communicate this to the passenger directly.

We will pre-authorise (put a temporary hold on the full amount chargeable for your Booking, but no funds will be debited from your account at that time) when we receive your Booking.

We will take payment in full once we have confirmed your Booking with the Transport Service Provider.

Our Obligations

Once we have received confirmation from the Transport Service Provider that your Booking can be fulfilled, we will send a confirmation email with your Booking details to the email address given during the booking process and take payment for the Booking.

If we need to make changes

Occasionally it may be necessary for changes to be made to the Booking (after acceptance). In all such cases we will advise you as soon as reasonably possible before the Pickup Time and, if the proposed changes are unacceptable, you may cancel the Booking without incurring any cancellation fee.

Your Obligations

  • You must ensure that you have provided us with full and accurate details of the requirements for your Booking, including but not limited to, number of passengers, accurate timings (using the local time applying at the Pick Up Location) for the Pick Up Time, Pick Up Location, Drop Off Location and, where applicable, flight number, train times or ferry times.
  • You must ensure to check that your Booking details are complete and accurate.
  • You must ensure that the Passengers have reserved sufficient time to reach your/their destination when arranging the Pickup Time, taking into consideration the possibility of delays caused by traffic accidents or congestion, the weather conditions, or local events.
  • You must ensure that the Passengers are at the Pickup Location at the Pickup Time.
  • You must provide us valid contact information to enable us to contact you if necessary and provide you with information regarding your Booking.
  • You must ensure that you and/or the Passengers (as appropriate) have a telephone, with the contact number you have provided, switched on and with you and/or the Passengers (as appropriate) at the Pick Up Time.
  • You must ensure that any Passengers under the age of 16 are accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • All Passengers must be fit to travel. Drivers, acting reasonably, reserve the right to refuse the Services to any person who is considered unfit to travel, or who is abusive, intoxicated, underage without a companion, or if carriage of any such Passengers and/or luggage would cause the Driver to be in breach of any applicable traffic and/or road safety regulations, or may damage the Vehicle. We will not be liable for the completion of any travel arrangements, nor for any refund, compensation or any other costs whatsoever that you and/or any of the Passengers (as appropriate) may incur in such circumstances.
  • You must ensure that you have chosen the appropriate vehicle category for your needs. When choosing your vehicle category you should consider the number of Passengers travelling in the Vehicle and the amount of luggage space required and check that the Vehicle meets your needs.

Luggage and Animals

  • User must state as additional comment at time of booking for the transport of excess luggage, bulky luggage, or animals. Service Providers reserve the right to decline transportation service should such special accommodations not be part of the booking and the Service Provider cannot accommodate at time of pick-up.
  • If the User or passenger decides to refrain from carrying out a journey, because the Service Provider is unable to correctly transport the passengers, including children, animals and/or cannot transport extra or bulky luggage due to failure of the User to communicate transport requirements as stated above, the full amount of the agreed fees for the journey remains payable, less possible expenses saved
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the Passengers comply with all provisions of the Terms where necessary or required to enable You to comply with the Terms, and You shall be liable for all acts and omissions of the Passengers.

Pick Up

You must ensure that at the Pickup Time, one of the Passengers has with them a telephone (or other similar means of communication) that is switched on and is contactable using the contact number provided during the booking process.

If the Pickup Location may not be easy to locate or apparent from the road, you must provide accurate details to assist the Driver locating the Passengers at the Pickup Location. The additional information should be typed in the 'Comments for the Driver' box in the Website, and should include, without limitation, information about unmarked roads, security gate arrangements or specific access and exit gates.

The Vehicle and Driver will wait for the Passengers  for up to 60 minutes where the Pickup Location is at an airport. The first 60 minutes of waiting time after the agreed pick-up time are free of charge, only if the User provides the airline and flight number that he/she will be arriving from. The Service Provider will check for changes in the scheduled arrival time and the agreed pickup time shall be updated according to the flight’s actual arrival time.

After the first 60 minutes, additional waiting time will be charged in 5 minute blocks at 5 EUR/USD/GBP, plus applicable tax. The respective currency used for this fee shall be the same as the User’s booking. The User or Passenger must inform the Service Provider to wait.

If the Passengers are unable to meet the Vehicle and Driver at the Pickup Time it is essential that You contact the Transport Service Provider as soon as possible to request to rearrange the Pickup Time. You acknowledge and accept that the Transport Service Provider reserves the right to decline any unreasonable amendments to the Pickup Time and/or the Journey.

If the Transport Service Provider is not informed of any desired change in arrangements by the Passengers, it is likely that the Vehicle and Driver will not be at the Pickup Location when the Passengers arrive (and in any event the Transport Service Provider is not obliged to agree to any such change).

Neither we nor the Transport Service Provider are responsible for failed Journeys if the details you have provided in the Booking are incorrect.

As the Transport Service Provider will have allocated a Vehicle and a Driver to a Booking, and the Driver will have incurred time travelling to and waiting at the Pickup Location, and travelling back from the Pickup Location, You acknowledge and accept that in the event of a failed Journey due to:

  • incorrect Pickup Location and/or Journey details being provided to us in the booking process;
  • Passengers failing to be at the Pickup Location at the Pickup Time.
  • Passengers requesting unreasonable amendments to the Pickup Time or the Journey; or any other cause by you or the Passengers

You will not be entitled to any refund in relation to the Booking and neither we nor the Transport Service Provider shall have any liability whatsoever to you or any Passenger in respect of the failed Journey or the Booking.

Special Requests 

If any Passengers have any special requests relating to the Booking or require additional equipment, this should be notified to the Customer Support Team at the time of Booking or no later than 2 working days before the Pick Up Time. Please note that any special requests or additional equipment cannot be guaranteed.

Any additional charges incurred as a result of any special requests or requirements for additional equipment will be notified to you by the Customer Support Team and will be payable to the Transport Service Provider at the end of the Journey.


If any Passenger is not satisfied with the Booking or the Journey in any way or wishes to make a complaint,  this should be  reported to Wisecars Customer Support Team at support@wisecars.com as soon as possible.


If any Passenger is not satisfied with the Booking or the Journey in any way or wishes to make a complaint,  this should be  reported to Wisecars Customer Support Team at support@wisecars.com as soon as possible.


If a Booking is cancelled by you later than the applicable time of arrival, the Booking will be charged in full regardless of whether the Journey has been made.

We have the right to cancel the Booking upon limited or immediate notice in any circumstances, including but not limited to the insolvency of a Transport Service Provider. In circumstances where we cancel due to issues related to the Transport Service Provider and/or the applicable vehicle which was due to be used for the Journey, we will use our reasonable endeavours to arrange for the supply of an alternative vehicle, however this may not be possible at periods of high demand. In the case where we notify you of the cancellation of the Booking 48 hours or less before Pickup Time, you will receive a return of all monies already paid by you in respect of the Booking.


Wisecars believes in protecting your privacy. We respect the privacy of our customers which is why we do NOT sell or rent any information collected through our website to third parties.

Sensitive data, such as personal details and credit card information, which we receive from customers, is encrypted and secured for use on the Internet. Due to this protection, it can not be read by any third party. Wisecars does not store credit card details. If you choose to pay for the service using a credit card, your credit card details are not stored by us 


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Termination of Usage

User access to all or part of this website may be terminated or suspended at any time, without notice and for any reason.


It is forbidden to use the website of Wisecars for any purpose other than for the personal use of booking a Transport Service. We continually control the activity and usage of our website and any abnormal activity on our site deemed as suspicious will result in access being denied. The use of our website by yourself signifies your acceptance of these Terms of Service.

Third Party Disclosure 

Wisecars never discloses personal information about its customers to third parties without prior consent, except if legally obligated to or in case of an emergency. Wisecars will not sell or rent any personally identifiable information. We may provide statistics about our customers, sales and booking patterns as well as related information to third parties but in such cases this information will not contain personally identifying information.

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