Rent a car in Ibiza Airport - Wisecars rental comparison

Rent a car in Ibiza AirportWisecars rental comparison

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Best car rental prices Wisecars’ customers found recentlty

Fiat 500
Price for 3 day(s):US$37.49
US$12.50 per day
Fiat 500
Price for 3 day(s):US$37.49
US$12.50 per day
Fiat 500
Price for 3 day(s):US$37.73
US$12.58 per day

Client reviews

Greg G****
No hassles, cheap rentals and very fast response
Wisecars Review -16 hours ago
John W***
Easy registration Competetive prices Free cancellation op to 2 hours before pickup (covid 19 surprise ?!)
Wisecars Review -18 hours ago
Robin J******n
I used Wisecars to rent a car on-line for our trip to Florida this winter. The rental reservation process went very smooth and easy.
Wisecars Review -a day ago
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What to do in Ibiza:

Ibiza is a Balearic island known for its divine beaches, diving sites and amazing nature. The most famous beaches are Cala Comte, Cala Bassa and Cala d'Hort- a crescent-shaped beach with golden shores. Other attractions include Es Vedra, a scenic uninhabited limestone island and Cova de Can Marca, a natural cave with tours and an eatery. Cathedral de Santa Maria de las nieves de Ibiza is a massive 13-th century cathedral complex definitely worth visiting. Puig des Molins is another historical attraction where you can enjoy Phoenician necropolis and artifacts. Ibiza is perfect for a get-away vacation.